Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Is The Dog Casino Too Hard for Nim?

Hello on this beautiful fall Tuesday!

As you can see my elk came to visit today. I am always glad to see them.

It is satisfying to watch them spread out into the areas I opened back up this summer, but I don't see any active grazing to keep that stuff back. Oh well...I am here to serve.

The photo is bad, but this poor guy is currently only growing one antler. He is one of the "youths" and it looked like the other side was trying...but apparently they don't grow at the same rate.

I am back on my daily post-its lists + monthly lists of things to do. One of the items on my October list was to "plant the white ginger" which I did today. It is that small little guy next to the fern. Since the cats haven't been eating the fern I am hoping maybe that is a protected spot for the white ginger.

My 20 year old plant also sent up a new growth. Apparently it also thinks it is safe from cat eating this winter.

On of my sisters tagged along to All the Best in Issaquah with me the other day and got to see first hand the embarrassment that is Nim racing to the "play corner" of the store. It really is terrible. I should probably do some actual training or control work around it but instead I just scan that no one is in the way.

Anyway, one of the harder toys there has been the Dog Casino. Since he was so excited about it in the store, I figured I would add it to his collection at home.

He understands about the drawers coming out and how to open them, what he doesn't understand is the top level bones holding them in. He hasn't been able to make the connection yet either which is sort of unusual for him. This has been a strange process because if I am not actively with him and occasionally encouraging him he will eventually leave the puzzle! 

So yesterday he left the puzzle not completely empty, presumably to take a nap and rest up for dinner. I was studying and I could hear noises and went to look...sure enough, there is Emile working it. I think Nim might have lifted his head to look, but still didn't slither out of bed to participate.

Two things:

  1. I didn't prop the toy up...I think Nim left it like that
  2. Emile was actually using his paw on it, I just wasn't able to get a good photo of that

After awhile (possibly longer than Nim), Emile left it and started batting the little blue bones around the house until I picked them all up.

In Nim's dreams I bet that Emile masters the puzzle, and "hunts" the food for Nim.


  1. Too funny. Mickie has tried the casino at a pet store too, and it was too difficult for him at the time. I should get one for him too. I could see Benjamin doing just what Emile did. That is great!

    1. I will loan you mine. :) It is really tough though. I have my eye on the circle on too, but he needs to work out this one better first.

    2. I will order the circle one and then we can trade them!

  2. Maybe if there were more kitty friendly treats in it Emile wouldn't have walked away. Someday I have to get one of these puzzle toys for our pups.

    1. He loves dog food and treats! He is terrible about it actually. I think what got him was simply not enough strength to operate it. They are fun! I love using puzzle toys.