Monday, October 19, 2015

Wenatchee Kennel Club Show - Oct 16, 2015 - Chelan County Expo Center

Friday morning Nim and I hit the road for the Wenatchee Kennel Club show being held at the Chelan County Expo Center.

My primary goal was to finally finish our AKC Rally Novice A title that is now about 3 years in the making. Secondary goal was a AKC Obedience Novice A leg.

The day was beautiful and I struggled to not pull over and hike somewhere off Blewett. Blewett is one of my favorite passes and somehow manages to collect the most aggressive drivers of WA. My mood could not be swayed, even when basically forced into the shoulder by a pickup with hunters all driving with their orange vests on. Are they worried they will shoot each other in the car? Hahahaha. Anyway, it was gorgeous.

Once I got to the grounds I sort of wished I had committed to all three days of the show. Signing up for Friday was a very last minute decision and this is a new show for me. The venue is pretty however and every time you leave the building you just feel so relaxed. 

Apparently this is the first year the show moved their obedience indoors. I think this is a good thing...since I have a dog that wilts in the outdoor rings which would have been under direct sun, but as you can see this is a single ring building. There wasn't a ton of kennel space, especially if a dog needed room. It was also stone quiet for the morning events, by afternoon the room filled more and you had more white noise. Trust me, this helps.

You can see the row of kenneling along one gate. As that area filled that side of the ring would prove to be a challenge for most of us.

Nim had a good time and was in a great mood. We got our Rally Novice A title which was a huge personal deal. We happened to finish it under the very first judge ever I showed under (and also got my first Rally Novice A leg under her at that time - just barely). We have grown up a lot since then.

We also got our first AKC Novice Obedience leg. That was a squeaker. We got killed in the heeling section. He was being too busy on the gate with all the crates, in particular one corner which sucked several dogs in.

I hope to return to this location next year. Maybe even try the entire weekend!