Thursday, December 10, 2015

December Storms

Hello December! Talk about stormy weather.

We did have a week of more freezing temperatures and like clockwork the pellet stove broke. There was round the clock electric blanket "sharing" after that.

This past week has been about the rain. Heavy rain. Unbelievable rain. Tuesday night I gave up trying to sleep at all and instead I read, storm watched, and watched Waitress for like the 100th time (gosh I love that movie) and the cats hid while it simply poured and poured. It was so loud and a little stressful. There was no sleeping through it.

The next morning creek on the property that was already too full became a new animal. Lots of new channels and expansions from this storm. I am not thrilled about some of the trees that are now surrounded by creek water, but we will see what happens when the water level drops again.

The view from the lower property:

View from the top:

Nim was baffled.

I took a couple of video which are actually fairly boring except to myself, but this one of the upper area might be fun to watch:

 Less exciting, lower property:

It is raining again as I type this, and windy of course. I have power, internet, and nothing landed on the house. Many people were not so lucky. A lot of surrounding areas are in really sorry shape and some people have pretty serious damage to their homes. Hopefully things will dry out next week like they are projecting.


  1. Okay, you have serious water there! My creek just gets wider and deeper, but since it's flat it will never have the power of your creek. Amazing!

  2. Well, those videos are very impressive. You usually have to be right up on the stream to see it. Its very pretty.

    1. I know. It is amazing. I am really curious what will happen when the water drops down. The creek has been changed for sure.

  3. I've been thinking about you every time I hear about the weather reports from your area. Glad to hear you are doing okay.

    1. For all purposes I didn't come as close to the problems as some of the people out there. For me it was really just "uncomfortable." This is quite the fall!