Thursday, December 31, 2015

Goodbye 2015!

After days of rain, wind, and snow, we are having very cold, but beautiful sunny days. What a nice way to end the year.

The second the sun comes out the jackets go on and we hit the yard or go for a walk.

This week I set up my new bird feeder station:

Sometimes Nim still looks so young.

He found the one area with rays of sun and settled in for some chewing.

I set up the chair and studied. I didn't last long. The second you stop moving it is pretty hard to keep warm enough for the hands to work well.

Unexpectedly this year has ended on a major note of sadness for one of the organizations I love For those of you that follow my Instagram, you saw that I recently reposted a photo of the young boy Ravi with a dog. Like many of their supporters, we find ourselves loving these kids from afar. I don't know the circumstances at this time, but a post went out last night that Ravi has died (definitely sudden). For everyone that followed his story from his extremely malnourished start to the boy he is today, it was a terrible blow. I know I wasn't the only one that cried about a boy I know only through the love of the people that shared him.

I don't know Maggie Doyne (BlinkNow founder) but I greatly admire her and she is definitely in my thoughts. I appreciate her sharing Ravi with me (really the world). She is going into the new year suffering a major and life changing loss.

Happy New Year's Eve to everyone. One way or another the New Year always brings change and promise doesn't it?  


  1. Happy New Year! We still don't have any snow but our temps have returned to normal for this time of year. So sad about that little boy but what a wonderful organization.

    1. Yeah, it has just been heartbreaking. This organization in particular has called my attention to some of the issues in Nepal that I certainly haven't been hearing about in the news but desperately need world attention. They do some good work.

      I think this is normal for us? I don't know. It is pretty darn cold, but not our worst January for sure. You guys have had a strange winter.

  2. I love your beautiful outside photos, along with telling me how cold it is. :)
    I don't do Instagram, but I'm sorry to hear about Ravi.
    I hope you had a great New Year's. Each new day brings new things.

    1. I know you love it. :) I know you are my winter-deprived reader. You have a great New Year's too!