Monday, July 25, 2016

Summer of the Owl

A couple of years ago I had twin owl fledglings with an adult and I remember thinking how lucky I was. Then this summer, I ended up with 3 fledglings and an adult.

I think I would love owl just a little more if they were insectivores. These little lovelies brought an unbelievable amount of noise and carnage to the peaceful, baby bird filled yard.

The first time I realized I had 4 of them was late at night. I kept hearing a lot of upset birds and loud sounds on the roof. I flung open the window and all 4 of them froze, just staring at me. Some were on the fence, and some were hanging off a fir tree. It was the beginning of a strained relationship.

 I wish I had got any photos earlier in the season. All three young owl would line up with the adult on one single branch. One was noticably younger than the others (I am guessing because of his extra fluff).

There were one very funny morning in which all 4 were lined up, squawking away at the large white rabbits on the ground below. The wild rabbits would have had a coronary. The large white rabbits didn't even flatten their ears.

It has taken almost 2 full months of steady hunting and begging for these guys to finally start to grow up. Supposedly owl are most active at night, but these 4 brought 24/7 chaos.

If there is any confusion in my mind as to where they are in the yard, I only need listen to the upset bird noises, or feel for the staring.

If you would like to listen to them yourself, enjoy the video of three of them. Notice the upset bird noises in the background:

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