Friday, July 29, 2016

Baby Bunny Watch

Happy Friday! Today is going to be a hot one out here. My gardening may be lack luster this year, but the begonias my friend gave me have been out of control. I had actually sworn off this flower, but for the last 2 years the ones I have received as gifts have done amazing.

The baby bunnies seem to be doing great. They have been very hard to photograph between their size, location, and the mama's nightly rearranging of the nest. Last night I was able to fully count 6 of them.

Today I am starting to get clear photos.

I desperately wanted to work in the outside office today before the heat came in, so I had to great creative and get them sectioned off so Nim could be out there too. The only reason this works is because they aren't leaving the nest yet - which I think is very close to happening.

Why yes. The nest is right against the house. :| At night when the mama comes back I can look at my window and watch her. Since it has been hot out and I have been sleeping with the windows open I can hear her when she goes to the nest.

The xpen is to keep Nim out, the card table is to keep the owl out.

Nim and I are back in the house now because mama also showed up and Nim chased her. I think she only ever half believes him because often I know she is in the yard with him, but right now, I can't have her getting killed.

It must be very close to time for the babies to start following her around if she is coming by during the day. Sigh. Thankfully I will be at dog shows this weekend and not be around for whatever hunting is about to happen as they leave the nest.

For being such a outdoors and rural lover, I am terribly soft when it comes to the cruel realities of nature. I am trying to enjoy them while I can.

Nim naturally forgot he ever found the nest in the first place and just settled in for some chewing. I got a lot of homework done, and the babies are safe in their nest just a little longer.


  1. Those little bunnies sure are cute. I like your inventive protection for them.

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    2. It looks a little trashy, but I love them so much. :) They are adorable!

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