Friday, November 9, 2007

Cassette Jammed

So when the time came to disconnect and take everything apart I was bummed to see that the tape had jammed. If I am looking at it correctly; it jammed at the end, so it will just be a matter of whether or not they can read it. I have a request in to find out.

You can see the amazing amount of hair that came off when I took the tape and the electrodes off. It hurt me just to do it. You can't really pull it fast, you have to try and go slow with the dog's hair if at all possible.

Apparently the quilting doberman is done having his photos taken or he just was annoyed because he wouldn't look at me. You can see all the shaved boxes where the electrodes were attached.

Off topic, but I added a link to the Quilted Kat. I highly recommend it. Complete accident that I found it; but what I really like is that she also has a mix of animal, wilderness and quilting (glad I am not the only one). But her quilting is pretty much intimidating...and her photography; well, just look for yourself.

I can't remember entirely what I was looking for when I found her; but I think it was another blog that actually mentioned her an a Beartooth Llama Trek for Adventurous Quilters. I was so stunned at the thought of a quilting event involving hiking and llamas that I am at a loss for comment.

Wait! Now I remember how I found this blog. I was trying to research a story from a couple of years ago regarding Rachel Lake (the one in WA state). One of the links I got was this llama trek because they stopped at a Rachel Lake...wrong state; same lake name. How is that for a random stroke of luck in finding the Quilted Kat?

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