Saturday, November 24, 2007

Otter Falls

Otter Falls is an impressive hike off the Middle Fork Road in North Bend. These falls are so high that you can't seen the entire falls from the base vantage where the beautiful lake is.

These photos hardly do this area justice. It has been probably over three years since I have done this hike and I am impressed how much has changed along the way probably due to a couple of the larger storms.

We have had some freezing weather and snow out here which is probably why the falls weren't running as full as I have seen them in the past.

Along the hike to Otter Falls one of the other truly beautiful crossings is Marten Creek:

I have been in a knitting stage again right now but nothing to show yet. BUT, one of the more exciting things that happened last week is that I located a discontinued yarn that I have really been needing for months now at Fine Points Yarn Shop. Really helpful people and easy to use online ordering. I even called them to see if they could match my dye lot (which they couldn't; but at least they were willing to go through the store and check).

The quilting doberman, so well loved by one of our few, but regular hiking partners at Otter Falls:

As she likes to call it, it is the "Prom Picture." (Thanks Super)


  1. Love the "prom picture"! That's a classic. And the scenic photos are bee-you-tea-ful!

  2. and as usual, the male looks totally in shock ;)

  3. I wanted to add something witty, but Manidoon beat me to it. ;)

  4. He is denying her love because she won't let him sit on her lap and sniff her ears in the car.