Saturday, September 27, 2008

National Alpaca Farm Day

And finally...National Alpaca Farm Day.

I almost didn't go to a farm this year. It is sort of neat to check them out last year; but I had spent plenty of time at both the Heritage Festival and Outdoor Quiltshow. However, I decided to check out one farm on my way home and I was SO glad I did.

The farm is Jo's Fleece Fields in Carnation (Lake Joy community). It is well worth a visit even not on National Alpaca Farm Day. There is a great variety of animals in a very welcoming setup and the hosts were all totally fantastic.

This farm isn't just about Alpacas. It is about Alpacas and several other animals including llamas, goats, and hens.

In one area there are about 4 llamas with the herd of Alpacas. Llamas average around 500 pounds and Alpacas around 150. Alpacas are probably considerably cuter; but a little lacking in the personality department.

The llamas live happily with their Alpaca herd serving as the herd watch dogs. They warn the Alpacas of danger; even getting between the Alpacas and the danger or getting them back up to the barn. These two were particularly social and came right up to us. They would lean on the visitors and follow them around for attention.

These two males were separated out for a couple of reasons. One, since the Alpacas will never come up to the fence to see us like the llamas will; it gave us a chance to get really close to one. But these two were also used for fleece comparison. The darker one was worth considerable more and when you touched him his fleece was extremely dense compared to the other male.

Baby chicks were everywhere! All you could hear was the peeping as the moms moved them around to keep them away from the visitors.

Hens in the hen house.

There was also a goat area and they were generally social and curious as well.

This was the only time that this one withdrew his head and body from the hay station.

This one ran up to me first.

And finally pea-mom and pea-baby. Apparently pea-dad was somewhere in the area. Like good peacocks they live on the roof of the house at night.

I want a farm. :)


  1. After that visit I want a farm too! I have a lovebird, a cockatiel and a dog. I should go check the city by-laws to see if I can have real chickens. I'm sure our neighbours would be so pleased :P

  2. Hi Shelly! Thanks for commenting.

    It really was a great place. And it sounds like you have a domestic farm of your own. :)