Monday, July 15, 2013

Day of Elk

The elk have been incredibly busy today.With the windows wide open in the heat this has been challenging for both Nim and the herd. Baby elk make a very distinctive noise when calling for their mom. They also appear to have excellent hearing and can hear Nim huffing in the house because he is so over-stimulated by them. This makes them peep more. 

The finale of the night was about 4 babies and several cows in front of windows. Nim was stone silent then. I think that was an overwhelming number. Unfortunately they were too quick for me to get a good photo of all of them. I wish they would eat things I actually need eaten. Not that I care what they eat, but they could help me with some weeding.

In garden news I grew a bean! I ate it. It probably could have been there a little longer, but good stuff.

Today I had to give the Nasturtiums some tough love. I think they are drowning my peas. I did some serious pruning and going forward will do better keeping them under control. This variety is the vine type and they are hooking on all over the peas.

I did a quick search on "eating too many nasturtiums" and I think I will be OK. It has been a few hours now and I am not sick or anything. I think they are kind of like radishes in taste personally. They are good also in preventing scurvy. :) The stems aren't bad when they are fat and watery, but the spindly, vine ones are tough to chew.

I leave you tonight with this cute little guy...

He insists on living in the fenced area with Nim. Not the smartest move. I hope he grows up soon. Baby bunnies just aren't as skilled in survival and he tends to race around in tight darting circles which works Nim into a frenzy. At least the adults just bolt straight out of the yard.

Have a good night (or good morning) depending when you read!


  1. You crack me up, "I grew a bean! I ate it." The elk are beautiful. We haven't seen our deer much this year, but we too have a stupid baby bunny in our fenced yard. They seem to be able to get in, but never leave. At least there is a lot of shrubbery for him to hide in.


    1. Nothing I grow is safe from my eating...if only I could grow chocolate chips. :)

      I LOVE the elk. I am hoping the family come through again today. The babies are so full of it right now. I never want anything to happen to them. My neighbors are going strong with shooting and fireworks still every night, I am sure the wildlife loves it. :(

      And you have two dogs! That bunny is playing with fire!

  2. You are so lucky to have such beautiful creatures in your yard! I'm talking about the larger ones. I did have a wild bunny have babies in my yard once. Once they were old enough to get out of the nest, it only took them a couple days to wonder off.

    Glad to know you didn't get sick eating your nasturtiums. You're brave.

  3. Congrats on your bean!!! I am so mad at myself for not growing a garden this year! I love that you have wild animals in your backyard. I live in a subdivision. I just get visits from the neighbor's cat. lol!