Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sometimes It Takes a Couple of Tries to Really Start the Week

I would say this day has far more positive potential than Monday and Tuesday because I got a morning walk in...more importantly Nim got a morning walk in.

I had such a better photo taken for the blog but unfortunately it is so blurry I can't post it! Let's hope that isn't a sign of things to come.

Yesterday got pretty darn warm and I did some homework and a lot of sweating. I am trying to do a better job cooling the house this morning which pretty much guarantees it won't get a hot today.

Today has a to be a homework marathon day, I just don't have a choice, too much due this week. I hope your day is more fun than mine. :)


  1. The fun part of my day was mowing the lawn in 90 deg. heat! We are supposed to have a day with temps under 80 for the next two days. Woo Hoo I can hardly wait!

    Glad you and Nim got out for a nice walk today. What are those flowers Nim is looking at?


    1. The 90s get rough. I much prefer 70s to low 80s, especially if there is a breeze. I think you are more humid than me as well.

      We always called them Foxtails. I think they are also called Foxtail Lilies from looking online, but they grow almost like weeds in the area I live and are actually very pretty. The wild daisies are really out right now too. I need to get a photo of them too.

  2. Looks like you had a beautiful morning for a walk! Your pictures always looks so peaceful!

    1. Thanks! And often in the morning they are peaceful. :)