Sunday, July 21, 2013

Old Dog Haven Walk for Old Dogs

Today was the Old Dog Haven Walk For Old Dogs and what a wonderful event. This year was far heavier attended than last year (I would say visually it appeared at least double if not three times what I experienced last year).

I won't write much, enjoy the photo avalanche...

This year Nim brought his friend Jackson (Dalmatian):

And Maggie (mini-Aussie):

I don't know how to fully explain what this event is like. This has a different energy of any dog event I ever participated in and I just love being there.

After registration the event kicked off with a 1/2 mile "parade" of dogs. We ALL walk together. That is a lot of senior dogs in one cluster on their own agenda. :)

Nim showed them how he likes to walk in a crowd firmly attached to his rope toy for some chewing and tugging while processing a dog pack of that size.

I hunted far and wide to get a photo of this guy (above). He reminded me too much of Rusty. During the parade he just started walking away from his owner who was cleaning up poo. Finally he ran smack into Nim and I. I don't even know that he could see all that well, but I am sure if he could, he probably wondered where he could get a toy like Nim's.

The Malamute was there last year. Similar to Nim, I think he is a "younger" supporter.

This girl had a very youthful energy to her with a fully white muzzle.

The walk also included "Olympiad Games." Nim was too young for them. I think all these guys below had just participated in the "longest nap" competition.

There laid there for quite awhile.

There were also chariot races. I hope contestant 7 won something for so happily owning his chariot.

The park is wide open and has many "outs" but you do have to be spotting yourself 360 degrees. This is not an event for the average dog reactive dog. To be mingling in the crowd basically means constant dog on dog interaction.

These seniors are big on the butt sniffing approach which is my opinion is far preferable to the rushing in full face.

They also simply don't care who they stare at or walk up to and have total selective listening when it comes to any sort of command.

I only captured a tiny sliver of all the personalities, struggles, and spunk in this group.

Truly an honor. I plan on supporting this event again next year. Because Nim is still so young, and was only 2 when we attended last year, it was interesting for me to see some of his maturity between the two years (rope toy aside).

Nim was pooped. It is funny how reflective he always seems after big experiences like these.

Precious boy.

Have a good night.


  1. What a great event. Those older dogs are so sweet and the "competitions" were funny. I tried sponsoring you but got an error message and wasn't able to. I will try again with whatever your next cause is.


    1. Hi Cindy! Thanks for thinking about the sponsoring...hey, at least you tried! :) This is just a happy event. You can't help but enjoy everyone there.

  2. I love how Nim is leaning away from Maggie..............still no trust there ;)

    1. That is still better than we probably could have got with Gypsy so I will take it. :)

  3. What great pictures! Looks like they all enjoyed themselves very much.