Tuesday, November 12, 2013

2013 Quilted In Honor Mystery Quilt, "Daughter of the Forest," and 11-12-13...How Could I Not Know?

The Quilted In Honor Mystery Quilt final clue ended up not releasing until Monday later in the day. I haven't been able to get back to sewing (more on that later), but Cindy has done a beautiful job finishing hers!

I love the bright colors of hers, and in this close up you can see the little pockets for the gift cards. Cindy and I will have to mail ours to Oregon as that is the closest Operation Homefront office. I am excited to try and get mine finished soon. I think it is very cute and I love the gift card pocket idea.

On Monday Nim and I went to the vet twice in one day. In between the two vet visits I got a little homework and not much else done. Most of the day was spent trying to watch him and get him comfortable. The diarrhea was finally getting under control, but he woke up early Monday with a swelled muzzle from some sort of allergic reaction. So we were off to the vet during 6am rush hour traffic. We then went back in the evening (during the evening rush hour...go ahead and laugh) for cortisone because he broke out in more hives.

So today has been blissfully drama-free. His face is normal. His poop is normal. And for me it was a day of homework.

Random things on this Tuesday night:

"Daughter of the Forest." This book is not in my normal reading genre (whatever that is for me). You might think that because I have lately been reading books about witches, vampires, and a magical circus that medieval fantasy should fit right in, but this book was very different. At times the suffering was so painful in this book it was overwhelming to read however I truly enjoyed the book and will be reading the next books in the trilogy.

11-12-13. I wish I had known this was some special lucky day today. Darn it. Nothing amazing happened to me, but since nothing terrible did either I will be content. My attention was called to this lucky date because of a special at Web Fabrics that expires tonight. Sorry for the late notice. Yes, I ordered. Told you it was going to be an impulsive month.

In the remaining hours of this day...I hope it is a lucky one for you. 


  1. Cindy's quilt looks great. I love the little pockets too. Poor Nim (and you). I hope he is well on his way at getting over all his ailments. Any idea what caused the allergic reaction? Did he get bit by something?


    1. I know. I am excited to finish it seeing how her's turned out. There is actually a chance that maybe it was the antibiotics we put him on for the diarrhea. We don't really know. We pulled the antibiotics and cross our fingers...so far so good.

  2. Cindy's is awesome! Can't wait to see yours!

    Awe, poor Nim. I feel so bad for him. Have you ever tried to give him Benadryl? I've given mine that in the past but not for anything that severe. Do you know what he had a reaction to?

    Sounds like an interesting book. I'll have to see what that one is about.

    Like you, nothing terrible happened that day so it was a lucky day. :)

    1. This was the most benedryl I think I have ever given to a dog. It was pretty much constant for a few days. I am on the second book in the series and I like it even more!