Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday, Fish, and Fabric

Today was supposed to be just a trip to the fabric store (by the way, the third color is white even though it didn't photograph white)...

I ended up getting some fish too.

Considering I have both a "no new fish" policy and a "no more fabric" policy this could be signs of a very impulsive month. I know, contain yourself.

For my quilting readers we have 2 Mystery Quilts coming up:

November 10th:
(This was the reason I broke my no new fabric rule. I am not doing the Island Batiks challenge so the fabric shown are not from that line, but I will be donating it to Operation Homefront).

New Years Day
(VERY beginning stages - but I am excited to try this one again).


  1. It is perfectly okay to buy fabric since you are making one that will be given to a good cause. Your fish are cute. Do I see nose prints on their glass? Maybe your kitties get a bit too curious about them? LOL!


    1. The cats go on and off the fish...especially when the tank isn't full. I had a dog several years ago (Sherman) who was absolutely fascinated by the fish tanks. :)

  2. Once in awhile it's just nice to splurge. I didn't know you had fish too or else I would have bought fish treats, haha. Breaking your "no more" rule for buying material for donating is a good enough reason. I keep telling myself how much I hate to make those toys and I'm not doing them anymore, but yet I just bought 12 yards of material on Thursday.

    Hope you're having a great weekend and not too much homework!!

    1. Glad you are making more toys! I know, it wasn't even a bad splurge, just not something I should be doing right now. Anyway, I don't over-think it too much.

      I was sewing all day yesterday in a terrible storm. I will pay for it in homework today, but it was worth it.