Saturday, November 9, 2013

Block Party Quilters Quilt Show 2013

On Friday, Misha and I went to the Block Party Quilters Quilt Show in Issaquah. It has been so long since I last went that I forgot there were so many vendors at it!

Except for it being somewhat of a parking nightmare, the show itself is a lot of fun. I am hoping this photo shows the lower floor well. The quilts are well displayed and in most areas I could step back to look at them better. I personally like the ones that have a little story or history with them.

I am not sure if the above photo shows it well, but the vendors are on the perimeter on the lower floor with quilts on display in the center. One of my favorite parts about the vendors is just learning about local quilt shops I didn't know existed. I usually will try and remember them later for visiting.

Gossypium was there so I got to see the Downton Abbey collection (Andover Fabrics I think) which I was kind of excited about. I liked some of the prints for it and they look better in person than some of the swatches I was seeing online.

I am not entire sure how this works but there is also a themed section of the quilt show. This year's theme was red and white.

Today was all about the vet day. Not a lot of homework got done, but at least I think finally Nim is going to feel better.

I will spare you the details, but thanks to Nim it occurred to me this morning that it was time for new comforter and maybe some sheets.

Everyone was in a rush to break them in.

Ah Leela. Who knows what you are thinking?

The first Quilted In Honor Mystery Quilt instructions should release tonight, but I am too tired. I will get going on it tomorrow morning.


  1. I sure hope Nim is on the mend. Quilt shows are fun and I'm with you that I like to see all the vendors almost as much as the quilts. One of my local shops is going to get all the Downton Abby line. I'm curious to see it in person too.


    1. Good morning! I am downloading first sewing instructions as we speak for my mystery quilt. :)

      I do enjoy quilt shows for the vendors and the inspiration. Some of the quilts people make I am always surprised that they stuck with it!

      I do think that particular line seems to look better in person. I have noticed with fabric that sometimes the online swatches really just don't do it justice.

      Have a great Sunday!

  2. That looks like a big quilt show. Sounds like you had a good time with your friend.

    Poor Nim. I hope he's feeling better by now. At least you got some new sheets. :)