Saturday, January 18, 2014

2014 Mystery Quilt Page 11 - Layout...Take 1

This weekend is so much better for me than last weekend was. The sun is shining and for once I don't have a test I need to finish or something I need to study.

We were heavily clouded in yesterday so I had to get a quick hike in up high to see any sun and then Nim settled in for sleeping while I finished my final test to do volunteer tax prep work.

I didn't finish until later at night, but I was so excited when I finished last night that I stayed up late watching the final Twilight movie. Wow.

Today we have sun! Emile watched the humming birds and Nim and I put some yard time in so I could clean up storm damage and contemplate my garden. Why can I not grow winter crops?

Finally it was time to tackle the 2014 Mystery Quilt layout I have been dreading. You can see the actual sashing design on page 11 of the pattern.

One of the more valuable things that came out of this layout process is that I have decided I really like the star layout for the red and the other layout for the yellow. I especially like it when they end up together. But even in the above photo from a distance I think the red themed block does better in the star layout.

I also learned I need to make some more flying geese block which I am moderately annoyed about, but I didn't read the directions well.

I have more yellow theme blocks than red theme blocks. Fair enough. I will need to think about that from a layout perspective. But you can see what happened because I ran out of flying geese for the yellow blocks.

Perhaps all the sections without a middle sashing I will do two yellows together?

But I did really like the yellow next to the red star. So maybe not. At least my main blocks can get sewn as the cats are already messing with the floor layout while I type this.

Unfortunately this won't be the last time I need to lay the entire quilt out. I can already tell that. Let me know your thoughts on it so far!


  1. Hey there, your quilt is coming along great! I agree that the red ones make great looking stars, and the yellow ones complement it nicely as the diamond shape.

    I haven't worked on mine lately, as I have some other things I need to try to finish first. I'm participating in Another Little Quilt Swap 8 and so that's my focus right now. Will get back to the NYMQ in February though, as I think I will be giving it to my dad for his 80th birthday which is mid-March. :)

    1. Thanks Misha! I feel more on track now. I needed to suck it up and deal with the layout which is so hard in this house.

      Are you doing the retreat this year? Sam

  2. Glad to hear you and Nim were able to get out for an adventure. I still can't believe you have hummingbirds this time of year!

    I like how the quilt is coming together. It looks big. So how many times have the kitties rearranged your work?


    1. They have been active too since I have been better about keeping their feeders going.

      I like how it is coming together too. I still have a lot of sewing left to do. The cats have been rough, but nothing compared to what Nim did when my friend came over. He got all excited about her and basically spun all over the layout. It was an absolute mess.


  3. I'm relieved you don't have any more studying or tests to do. You were wearing me out! Hope you did well on your volunteer tax prep test.

    Glad you are getting a little bit of sun out there. I'm sure Nim is enjoying it too with the hikes.

    The quilt is coming along fabulous. I love all the colors!

    Don't work too hard the rest of your weekend!

    1. Thanks Linda. I have to admit, this weekend has felt great to not have anything hanging over my head. Last weekend felt too stressful. It has been one thing after another it seems.

      We trained earlier today and now it is back to sewing. :) Sam