Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome 2014!

Well it is afternoon already and I have done zero sewing on the mystery quilt...I am not even done cutting. Still, it has already been a great day and sewing is about to begin.

We welcomed in the New Year with a fun match at Family Dog in Kent and then a walk with Jackson and his human Cindy. The fun match went great and I will probably do a post on that experience later, but I would go there again. Very worthwhile practice.

Jackson and Nim did a walk on the Soos Creek Trail. The weather today is cool, but beautiful.

Getting two dogs to stand next to each other and look the same direction for a photo is always a challenge. :) They were happy pups on their walk.

Upon reflection I have decided I don't feel the need to post any 2014 goals. :) Most days I live a decent life which is an accomplishment enough and I think we all know I need a more steady income so no need to state a goal about that one. With a steady income other currently stuck items become unstuck.

2013 goals in review (detailed post if you want really want to read them):

1. Teach Nim at least one "trick" per month - NO, however, I consistently trained and who knows, maybe it all averaged out. I am pleased with our overall training progress. 

2. Rally-obedience Novice title- NO. And to make matters worse I got another NQ (Not Qualifying) run in Rally-Freestyle which I thought might be finally the obedience sport I belonged in. At least Nim still puts up with me.

3. Road-trip - NO. Of all the goals I didn't accomplish this one probably hurt me the most. I think that road trips are important resets for me.

4. Once a month try and hike/walk somewhere that is not my usual places - NO - not every month. However, in August and September especially I knocked out a lot of new trails - a couple that had been past failures.

5. Finish 2 quilts - YES. More than 2.

6. Finish 2 knitting projects - NO. The sweater keeps plugging along.

7. Enter at least one quilt show - NO. I wish I hadn't forgotten this one! I actually had at least one fun candidate for this.

8. Complete this latest stage of schooling - YES. All I can say is I survived. This one was probably a bigger deal to me than when I finished my BA.

9. Do something meaningful for me when I turn 40 in February - NO!!!! OK, that is lame. I blame school.

10. Migrate this blog to WordPress - NO. And after setting up a WordPress site for a school project I am totally fine never migrating. 

I have far more NOs than YESs, but nothing I feel utter failure about, even if there is some annoyance.

For me personally, I am in a challenging stage of life that has brought for me many changes - several I wouldn't have asked for given the choice - and at the same time there was a lot of great things this year and I am grateful for that...failed goals aside. :)

Time to get sewing!


  1. I think many of those "NO's" were out weighed by the big "Yes" of finishing the schooling. Of course I feel your pain with getting two dogs to sit next to each other and look at me for a picture. Nim looks great in that last picture. Everything looks so green and like it is still growing around him.

    We are bracing for some VERY cold temps and lots of snow over the upcoming week starting tomorrow. Hopefully the pups will be able to have lots of fun and not need booties to do their business in the cold (we are talking some negative numbers at night and early morning).

    Happy New Year!

    Cindy -- not Jackson's mom ;-)

    1. Thanks Cindy and I agree! I think if I hadn't finished the schooling (without a darn good reason) I would have been pretty upset about that.

      Today was so beautiful. It was almost more like a fall day.

      I get really stress out about cold weather and in my lifetime I have never had this area go lower than the teens. I always imagine the east coast being more equipped to handle extreme weather, that being said, I would can't imagine it is all that fun.

      Have you tried the Musher's Secret? I think both your guys would have a bit more fur around the toes. I think it is better for snow, although I have been using it on Nim regularly right now while trying to heal that pad.

      I bet they will love the snow though. :)


  2. Glad to hear you and Nim had a fun match. Jackson sure is a cutie, of course right after Nim.

    You did a lot in your 2013 goals. I've never done number 9. I like to do things that I think are meaningful to others. I'm not even sure what I would do.

    I don't believe you have to post goals for each year. Make it a lifetime commitment until it's done. Like me moving...haha.

    Happy New Year!!!

    1. I agree, I think it is very hard to find something for oneself at times. I suppose that was part of the reason I tried to make it a goal. But still didn't really do anything. But that is OK.

      Jackson is a good guy. :)

      Someday you will get to move!