Thursday, January 2, 2014

Family Dog January 1, 2014 5 Minute Ticker

Good morning! I want to sew right now but I have too much other stuff I need to get done. Arguably blogging is not one of those items.

My fabric more or less survived the night with minimal rearranging, but Emile did eat several of my post-its that were marking piles.

I do want to do a post about our Fun Run and Family Dog in Kent, WA yesterday. Cindy came out to support and film us. Nim loves her.

The Family Dog facility is nice and the people were helpful. The woman running the Rally ring handles Bernese Mountain dogs and she was a pleasure to watch. She went into the ring twice and I really watched her because she is handling a tall dog as well so it was good for me to watch how she works. She was a very clean and quiet handler.

It was somewhat tight moving between rings if you have a dog with space issues, but everyone is pretty professional there and to be honest it isn't much different than dealing with a show environment in that regard. All of us really were focusing on the same stuff and really supportive of each other.

There were three rings going: 2 for obedience and 1 for rally. I enjoyed watching the obedience quite a bit. I wouldn't mind trying that out next time I get a chance to attend.

We paid for 2, 5 minute tickers. I had never done this before and thankfully a handler went before me so I realized that basically the ring is yours for 5 minutes.

I have added the links for the two videos for the day. These links are actually more for me from a journal perspective and they might be kind of boring and long to watch. If you were going to watch one, I would watch our second time in.

Personally observations:

  • We were sloppy and I had poor timing in more than one spot. 
  • I often cued way too late going into a sign which didn't help our form.
  • My life would be so much easier if there wasn't leash requirements at the Novice level. 
  • Nim and I truly had a great time and were totally engaged together. 
  • I need to slow down if I have any prayer of cleaning up some of our work.
  • However speed and energy keeps Nim focused and his recovery was nice. 
  • Thankful for cages on the dog dishes...each one had a biscuit which he never got to self-reward on.
  • Our number one goal right now is focus in new areas and I think we did that well.
  • We had fun - it was the perfect start to the new year.

1st time in ring - 5 minute ticker
2 time in ring - 5 minute ticker

Big thank you to Cindy for filming, supporting, and giving Nim all the attention he demands.


  1. This Cindy wishes she didn't live on the other side of the country and could give Nim all the attention he demands/deserves. Thanks for sharing the videos. Nim is a good worker and really pays attention. I hope you can figure out what the piles without stickey notes are supposed to be for. LOL!

    Cindy (from New York state...not the city)

    P.S. Almost a foot of snow on the ground with temps at around 12. The pups sure had fun playing in the powder.

    1. I think you would be great with him. I think you would know exactly what he needed. :) Sigh. Emile has been so naughty today. I may use that as justification to sew I can get more of the piles cleaned up!

      I am glad you are holding out! Someone should be enjoying the snow right? That is so darn cold.

  2. Wow, I had no idea all the stuff that went into doing these sort of events, but love your sum up of the experience and that you had a great time. "I often cued way too late going into a sign which didn't help our form--" sounds a lot like my modus operandi in navigating through much of life!

    1. Ha! I agree with you on that actually. Too often we are trying to catch up with ourselves.

      I think a lot of work goes into these. I always wish there were more fun matches, especially since I have lost nerve to do the real ones, but it isn't like I am out there planning them.

  3. Sounds like you're learning a lot in these events. I watch some of my friends videos of them doing agility and I have no clue how they do it! I'm definitely not a trainer type. I remember I took my first Doberman to a puppy class way back in 1992 and I never made it back to the second class. (He turned out to be the best Doberman I've had so far though)

    Going to watch your videos now. :)

    1. I do get a lot out of the events. I think I am still trying to find what works for me and maybe more specifically what matters to me. If there was one single thing I would like better it is his pulling. He is good, but not 100%. And I really don't even care about that for the rally ring, that is just day to day life. Dog training classes are tough.