Thursday, January 9, 2014

2014 Mystery Quilt Pages 7 - 10

Finally I am getting caught up a bit on my sewing. I am also at layout stage and welcome opinions!

Page 7 allowed me to get a lot of small pieces put together and save them from the cats.

I pushed right to the edge to make enough of these 4 patches. I think I was going through my scraps in the end to make the last two.

Page 8 made some very interesting blocks that were almost a bit too yellow for my preference, but I liked them in the larger blocks.

Page 9 is my first page of messing with layout, I haven't done any final sewing yet, but I prefer the one on the right (looks more like a star). I think the red really helps out some rather dull looking pinwheels too.  

As you can see with the Page 10 blocks, the yellow is saved a bit in the larger block context. Again I have a preference to the block on the right but in this case I actually like them both. I think I just like stars.

Once I make a decision I need to sew both the page 9 and page 10 blocks and then start messing with the overall quilt layout. 

I suppose I could do a mix of all types of blocks, but considering I already went scrappy it will be too much chaos for me.

Rain storm is coming in...might be a good sewing weekend.


  1. Tough decisions. Do you know how they will go together? Is there sashing between the blocks? If you go with all stars you will have the fun of making sure the points all match up if there isn't any sashing. I do like the one on the right best for the pinwheel blocks but both of the checker board (yellow) blocks appeal to me. Also when you put the blocks together are there any secondary patterns that develop.

    Oh well that's me. I always like to over think everything. If it were me I would take a picture of each block arrangement and then use Photoshop to put them together to see how it might look. I guess that's why I don't like the idea of me making a mystery quilt. I can't stand the mystery. I want to know what it will look like when I'm done. LOL!

    Hope I didn't confuse you. Good luck.


    1. Hi! There is sashing involved. In fact I am putting that part off because it isn't straight forward but at least I got into those instructions today and I am going to try. I agree, the sashing is going to make a difference. As of now I still haven't completed any blocks because I want to see how they all come together.

      This is good thoughts, I probably won't go as far as photoshopping though. That made a laugh except it is actually a really good idea.

      Nope, didn't confuse me. Sam

  2. The colors looks great! I love them!