Monday, June 2, 2014

First Monday in June

Good Monday morning! Look at how awake and lively this little bunny is this morning. He needs to fatten up quickly so the owl doesn't take him out.

This weekend was all about Nim (as usual) and studying (sadly sort of usual right now too). On Saturday Nim had his annual eye exam. Since half of my brain seems to be busy doing other things I am forgetting a lot of stuff...such as bringing a camera to the appointment.

So this photo is after the appointment in the yard:

Fortunately he doesn't need to see to chew.

My big purchase this weekend was an umbrella. I was losing patience with my tiny umbrella set-up for the laptop. This will be far better for my studying.

Next Saturday, June 7th will be my first test of 3 tests that make up the Enrolled Agent. Worrying about this test is one of about three things really keeping me up at night. I feel well studied and well prepared, but I nervous all the same. If nothing else, I feel like my success or failure on this test could be setting the tone on my future tests and I have a lot of them coming in roughly the next year.

When I wasn't studying I started planting a few starts in the garden. I have my peas lined up back by the fencing in hopes that my plan to vine them up will work.

Happy first week of June!


  1. They didn't give Nim a big ugly pair of cardboard sunglasses to wear? (I doubt they do that anymore, even for humans, or maybe I'm imagining we used to wear something hideous like that post-exam when we were kids?)

    Love the umbrella set up, in fact I just had to come inside because trying to use the laptop on a sunny day without one = FAIL.

    Happy June!


    1. I have thought about getting him some Doggles for the occasion. :) I highly recommend an umbrella. I should have done it sooner. Happy June to you!

  2. Glad Nim passed his eye exam. I'm sure you will do well on your exams too. That is a serious umbrella you got. You should be able to enjoy lots of time working under it.


    1. Thanks Cindy. The best I can say is that I am well studied and performing well on all my practices. We shall see how the real thing goes. The umbrella removes one more study excuse. :)

  3. Love the umbrella! Nim should have been standing under that after his eye appointment. Hope all is well with his exam.

    1. Yup! He has the same little pigment dots he always has (from development).