Friday, June 6, 2014

Ready For The Weekend!

This weekend promises to be sunny and after my exam on Saturday I am planning not to do much for the rest of the weekend except enjoy the sun.

And now...some Thursday photos:

Sun Buddies
(Leela and Nim)

Work Buddy


Training Buddies
(Artoo and Nim)

Artoo is maybe a year old and a fun little guy. He was rescued with his two other siblings by a friend of mine. One sibling already found her home and the second one should be close. He will stay with my friend. :)

Have a great Friday! I will be finding my exam Zen.


  1. Good luck on your exam. I'm sure you will do well. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. I see Leela is sticking close to her Nim.


    1. Leela loves her Nim. :) Thank you SO much! I am super ready so if I don't pass this will really worry me considerably. But this is how I learn. You enjoy your weekend too! Sam