Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sunshine Happiness

The sunshine finally came out on Thursday and all is right in my world. Even some of my REG + Enrolled Agent studying is even finally starting to make sense. And for the record, while related, studying for both exams at the same time is completely overwhelming.

Earlier in the week I got a 38% on one of the REG study simulation practices. I was so mad about it I almost gave up right there. But instead I choose to blame my youngest sister for getting me to watch Little Women: LA which actually sucks brain cells from you as you are watching it. That is the only reason I can account for forgetting to put a negative sign on all my expenses which resulted in the 38%. Good thing that was "practice."

Anyway, these photos are from the woods of the Cedar Butte trail. Lovely woods. Happy Nim.

I hope everyone has good plans this week. I feel some plant shopping coming on. Nim has swimming lessons today which is always fun times had by all. His little friend Artoo is going with him. Hopefully Artoo doesn't get scared by all the Nim yelling. :)


  1. So glad to hear you have such nice weather. That area you are hiking almost looks like a cave. I think we need to see some video of Nim swimming.


    1. I know! I love the trees there. We have video this time. :) Posting soon.

  2. Yes, I was hoping for a video, too.

  3. lol Yes, those shows can suck out your brain cells. Looks like a nice walk in the woods!