Thursday, July 10, 2014


My new job is in the Georgetown area of Seattle. Everyone who knows me knows I swore I would never work in Seattle. :)

It is kind of a neat area actually. This photo is taken outside the Original Rainier Brewing Building. Nim wants to know where the city dogs poop. We have to search far and wide for grass.

We are in a bit of a heat-wave right now. I can't keep the cats off my study/sewing table and it drives me nuts! For whatever reason they think the table is cool to lay on.

Oh! In other news our holter test came out well! Next up we get the echo done. I am counting on good results.


  1. Nim looks happy even if he can't find a place to poop. Poor kitties just trying to keep cool. I can't believe they are laying that close together.

    I meant to ask if there were other dogs in the office or is Nim special? Glad to hear you got good results from the holter test.

    1. I think they were laying that close so they could fight every so often. :)

      Right now it is an open dog policy and I want to shape it and keep it that way. This is a start-up company and the space is small. That being said, I am the only one that has done it regularly. So far Huskies and a Cocker Spaniel have also come in, but it has been days I haven't brought him. It has only been this week that I have decided to do it for every day I work on site. :) Sam

  2. So why would you never work in Seattle? Hope it doesn't take forever for you to drive in. I know larger cities are impossible like that.
    So happy to hear the holter test came out well! Time to celebrate for that result, break out the toys and treats. :)

    1. This isn't the worst area of Seattle, but yes, Seattle can absolutely gridlock. This is about a 45 minute commute (without traffic) and involves me dealing with the tunnels and bridges. It is just a high volume area and with the price of gas going up it is really pretty far for me to go. I was really pleased about the test results. We will still do our echo, but I feel better that he is looking pretty good. Sam