Saturday, November 29, 2014

First Snow of the Season

With much annoyance I welcome the first snow of the season. Nim was very surly in it this morning so it was hard to get photos. He did not like the heavy rain yesterday at all, so this snow is a welcome changed for him and made him playful.

I will try and get better photos later. It is snowing heavy again right now and just a bit too dark outside. Sadly this means we won't be doing the Santa photos I was going to try today. I would have had to go to Spanaway (a little over an hour drive away on a good day) and the roads are gross.

Since I am home bound I might put a binding on this quilt today. I finished quilting the top last night.

And as usual, I am studying. I have started studying for the FAR section of the CPA as if I have passed REG section. I will deal with it later if I haven't.


  1. Sorry you couldn't get to the Santa photos. The first snow always brings out the super zoomies in my two. Still have our fingers and paws crossed for a passing mark on the REG exam.


    1. Thank you! Nim wasn't quite at zoomies...but he was pouncing and biting. I have to decide if I want to bundle up and be outside at all today.