Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I Failed REG

Hello all - time to get this lame post over with . I failed REG. Yup. I found out late Monday night (I am not sure I will ever check score on release like that again when I have to get up early for work the next morning) and spent all Tuesday with a big lump in my chest trying not to cry. So frustrating.

But in the end it is "just a test" and there is far worse things in the world than failing it. I feel rotten but I have to move on.

The only one happy I failed is Emile. He thinks this means more time for him to make a heating blanket nest next to the laptop.

So I am in recovery mode. I took some personal inventory, and decided to try again. And if you are asking yourself "she would actually give up?" - why yes I would. The trade-off right now is not worth it. But I have to look to the future instead and hope that in the end this will be.

I got a 72. Passing is a 75. Now it isn't a percent or exact points, but as you can see, I was close. Close enough that a different day and a different test might have gone differently. I generally know the material. I need to beef it up though.

I sucked it up. Paid for another test. Registered today for January 19th and set-up my two months of calendars.

Key dates:

January 1 - Mystery Quilt day...I really REALLY still want to do this.
January 3 - Show N' Go at Argus Ranch. This is an obedience/rally thing. Mom is going with me.
January 12 - Western WA dog cluster in Puyallup. Originally I was going to enter Nim all three days. Thanks for my failure I will do Monday only. I am making mom do it too.
January 19 - REG do over.

I am in a mood right now folks. And this blog post is going to wander because seriously, who wants to keep talking about REG or reading about it?

It is well into December. Check out my advent!

During the snow I hung up my bird house. They won't touch it. They sit on my sill next to it. I am hoping they will figure it out.

Earth Balance has come out with vegan boxed mac and cheese. This is a game changer and better is not gluten free. I have already bought two more boxes...white "cheddar."

This photos cracks me up. Do you think Nim wishes he could be on the pellet stove with them?

And finally. My sister is knitting tiny unicorns. I told her I need one to pass REG (and those 3 other sections after it).

We are in a weird storm right now. I am pretty sure everywhere except for Florida is having bad weather right now.

Have a safe night!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your test. You were so close. Fingers and paws crossed for the next time. I'm glad you posted because I heard about the heavy rain in your area and was worried about you. We're in the middle of a long snow storm. We have about a foot so far and it's still coming down. The pups are loving it.


    1. Thanks Cindy! Yeah, I am struggling to get back into it. Tonight is my first real night back at the study board. It has been a ton of rain and wind but at least I have power to study right? I am glad for no snow right now but I bet your two are thrilled! Sam

  2. I'm so sorry about the test, but I am glad you are retaking it. You were so close. Your cat photos crack me up. Good luck tonight with the weather. My power went out tonight but quickly came back on. Hope we don't get those 60 mph winds tomorrow.

    1. Doesn't he just look like he is basking in happiness? I almost need to flip him or something. I didn't lose power! I guess the universe knows I have to study. :|

  3. Sorry you didn't pass the first time I bet you will pass next time. Chin up:)
    I live in Florida and can attest to the fact that it is cold here in the morning to us
    in the low 40's and mild in the low 60's later in the day but it is sunny and so far not breezy the wind makes it feel worse. Take care.

    1. Ha! Ah, bless Florida, that is your winter huh? :) You guys do get hurricanes which I am fairly certain I would freak out about so I shouldn't tease your winter. Thank you for your encouragement. I am ready to step up again. Thanks.

  4. Those unicorns have to make you happy!! :)

    1. You know it will! I woke up this morning and thought wait...did mom and I register for a dog show?! Note to self - do not let angry, pouting brain make the decisions. :)

  5. We did register and they turned Maggie and I down. We are not elite enough :(

    1. I am going to watch the premiums more closely now and avoid shows that don't allow "all American breeds." Poor call on their part.