Friday, December 26, 2014

Depot and McCormick Parks - Duvall

Today I finally got us out for a walk. My mom had mentioned this park entrance in the Duvall area. I didn't spend much time around the Depot park and I suspect I walked right past McCormick park, but we had a nice long walk on the actual railroad grade that runs through the area.

As you can see, it was reasonably nice out, but cold. Right when you hit the railroad grade there was a decorated tree. I don't know why Nim is standing so weird.

Both side of the railroad grade is generally swamp. It is actually really pretty and there was a ton of ducks in there.

Nim eventually heard them. And he had a lot to talk about on this walk. Unfortunately this was a high traffic day and I am sure a lot of people will not soon forget the Nim experience. As usual he had fun and we were long overdue for a walk.

We took some side trails and he was even playing in the swamp?! I was wearing shoes I try and keep more clean for work so we didn't go far on any of the side trails.

Definitely a walk I would do again.


  1. That looks like a great place for a walk. Glad to see you had nice weather. We even had some sun today. It seems as if we have had weeks of cloudy days.


    1. It really was nice. We have had breaks of sun. Supposedly the snow comes over the weekend, we will see how low it comes. These dark short days are just such a pain!