Sunday, December 21, 2014

Kitty City Tower and Wind Clean-up

Experienced cat owners know that the more you spend on your cat, the less they will appreciate it. Your time is better spent securing a "chicken of the sea" box at Costco.

 Left to right: Sherman, Odin, and Chloe, February, 2005

This is one of my favorite photos and it has made an appearance on the blog before. When Chloe was alive I would make sure that every Costco trip involved a new box for her. It always made her happy.

Every once in awhile I do fall victim to a cat purchase. Today I got sucked into Kitty City. This is a modular system. What I really want is those systems that drill into your walls, but probably not on this house. My house is very small so I can't really grow this city out, but I am intrigued by the idea.

Emile watched me build from the distance. Totally wary.

Wouldn't you know? Leela ran to investigate first.

The full tower. Emile in the distance. And why yes, that is a traffic cone in my kitchen.

Emile, my little paper eater, of course only wanted the box. Sigh. True to cat form. They always want the darn box.

He is getting braver though. So my current assessment is cautiously optimistic. Not sure if I will add more sections or not, but I love the idea. Kitty City goes together very easy (and presumably dismantles easy) and is light to move around. That is a win in a tiny house.

After building my Kitty City Tower, Nim and I dealt with some wind damage. It is amazing how many wind storms we have had in the past couple of weeks. Ironically it was last night's storm that finally caused me the most problems.

We got a big reprieve from the rain today. It actually felt far more like fall, except it was dark at like 3pm. Which reminds me, didn't we just pass the solstice? I just looked it up, it is today. Although readers might remember from prior years I seem to always mess up exactly when the solstice is. Regardless, shortest day of the year hopefully has just happened.


  1. Be careful! It looks like you are on the roof. ( like that bring out the mother instinct in me) I hope the cats come around and start to use the kitty condo.


    1. Ha! Thanks, I appreciate your concern. I was actually on an outside flight of stairs which in many ways has proven more dangerous than a roof. :) As you can tell, they are steep. The cats are already doing some more exploring. I would love to add just a bit more, but not if they aren't going to use it. :)

  2. Well, Kitty City looks fascinating! I need to see this up close. My wild kitties tip over one of the cat trees when they get really crazy.