Saturday, December 20, 2014

Holiday Pet Photos

Hi all! I have a special treat for you today. A little collection of pet holiday photos.

First things first. Check out this ornament I got from a friend today! Makes me so happy. Lately I have found myself myself planing quilts in my head for the future when I pass my CPA exams...or give up. :)

This photo is from last Saturday. Nim and Emile were sharing a meaty bone. These two have such a strange social relationship around food.

Now for the Pet holiday photos you have been waiting for. :)

At the Doberman Specialty at Argus Ranch last week Nim had his photo done with Santa (this is a picture I took of the print). The Santa was actually really good with him so it is too bad they look so disconnected in this photo together. I should have moved Nim a bit closer.

Nim in his bow tie.

Then on Sunday mom and I attempted once again to get Nim and Maggie in a photo together at Petsmart. They need a larger backdrop. This photo does sum up their relationship quite well.

Maggie alone.

Nim alone.

And finally...drum roll...Gypsy.

It is hard to say what she is more mad about: Nim's presence, the bells around her neck, or having her soul sucked in public.



  1. I love the ornament! And Nim looks so handsome in his bow tie. Nice job.

    1. Thanks! He was such a cutie in that photo...I wished it had turned out better. :) Isn't the ornament great?! Sam

  2. That is a perfect ornament. Nim is very cute in his bow tie. I loved your description of Gypsy. She looks like a sweetie that just isn't happy away from home.


    1. Exactly, she just really does not need the full social experience.

      I loved Nim in his little tie. They have props there you can use and that was one of them.

  3. That is a good description of Gypsy.............unless she is doing her Noseworks class ;)


    1. Ha! I know. Her world really is best when it is just her house. :)

  4. I LOVE the Christmas photos!! Such a handsome boy!!