Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 Mystery Quilt - Fabric, Step 1, Step 2

Wow. This is my most disorganized project ever! But I am having fun so that is all that counts.

Using the original pattern page I had to select 5 different fabric categories. Normally I have done this part days ago. This time I started last night and finished today.

As you will see later, fabric 1 changed slightly, but still a brown:

Fabric 2:

Fabric 3 was my most problematic category and probably my biggest concern. I have noticed a lack of purples in my stash. Probably because I always use it:

Fabric 4:

Fabric 5:

Nim sleeping on electric blanket, oblivious to mess:

This has been a very unsatisfactory project for the cats. They have tried galloping across. But I am so behind and having to cut as I sew so there is not many pieces for them to scatter. Emile took this opportunity to finally get a hold of the comfort pet snuggle that was supposed to be for the cats but Nim has refused to give up.

You can microwave this little guy. Nim loves him. Emile has been trying to steal it for days.

First Steps resulted in strip set A. My lighting is terrible. The fabric looks better together in person than in this photo:

Second Steps resulted in strip sets B & C. You can see I ended up using a slightly different brown for fabric 1 in strip set B:

Strip set C is the biggest wildcard. It involves fabric 3 and had I not just needed to make a decision I am not sure I would have gone with the collection I did. Should be interesting to see if this works or not.

Nim got sick of cooking on the electric blanket and moved to a corner. He pretty much hasn't left the bed as I have been sewing. Since nothing was pre-cut I am cutting and sewing as I go. I want to see a little more assembly before I call it a night. Not to mention. I have a giant mess right now.


  1. Very interesting color combinations. Even though things sometimes look questionable when it is going together your choices usually come together nicely in the end. Looking forward to the finished product...and now off to read your next post.


    1. Even I am interested in seeing how these colors work out. I wish I could have done more. Right now what I have is so big it is uninspiring. I hope it will look better all cut up. :)