Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Years! No Mystery Quilt...Yet

Hello! So no fabric in this post. Two reasons:

  1. I am behind and really don't have much to show.
  2. My friend is working on the mystery quilt too so I don't put photos in the blog unless I make it clear in the title so I don't spoil the surprise...but she is ahead of me anyway. :)

It wasn't pretty, but we did hike this morning. Nim was just naughty and I was dragging a bit. The trail was very icy which was hard on the humans. Nim was playful and didn't want to look at me. He just wanted to bite the snow. 

My friend was laughing at us because she knows I put all these hours into obedience and you don't see a hint of it on the trail.

He also kept spraying her special Seahawks hat which his spit. It tends to sail right over me but hit whatever poor victim is hiking with me. It is a good thing she loves him.

I did finally make him sit so he would stop biting the snow. Then he pouted probably because his rear was cold.

Hopefully sewing updates later!

Edit! Damn. For like a week I have been meaning to add a link for this particular dog's fundraiser:

I don't know why, this one sort of struck me and I wanted to make sure others saw it. I actually heard about the dog on another blog I follow. I think she is fostering Sassy. I don't actually know her, but I am always impressed with her because she is a revolving door of cat and dog fosters. I would like to a. be good enough to actually foster and let them go, and b. be set up for it.


  1. Happy New Year! Love it that your hike was in the snow. Mine was just cold and icy. But the sun was out so it was beautiful. Back to sewing!

  2. Happy New Year. I'm glad neither of my pups ever get a cold butt. We woke up to about 10 degrees today and they are predicting single digits for night temps late next week. Glad you had a nice hike despite Nim forgetting all his obedience. I'll trade you Walter on a hike any day. He travels as far vertically as he does horizontally.

    1. I don't know how you guys do that. We are just not equipped out here for cold like that.

      I bet Walter is a fun hiker. :)