Monday, January 5, 2015


 You have probably noticed no more Mystery Quilt updates. I didn't get much done on it since January 1.  This is going to be the year long Mystery Quilt I think. :)

Our area got a lot of rain followed by a lot of flooding. Last night was just miserable. I didn't sleep very well because it was just such a loud storm. The Snoqualmie Valley area hasn't fared too well and the rivers should be cresting after midnight.

I am sending energy out to the elk to come and stand in my yard. There was this pitiful photo on the news of the elk standing chest deep in flood water. I don't even want to think about the animals that aren't going to survive this. They can come be on the mountain next to me...but first they have to get here which considering we have three substantial river forks in this area is no small task. Everything is flooded right now.

Today I reschedule my REG exam that was coming up for January 19th. I am not ready and I was starting to get so anxious about it I couldn't even study properly. 

I reschedule into February, and if I have to I will move again. With the Gleim CPA review course I bought you get a "Personal Counselor." I never thought I would use that feature but I have used it more than once. 

You actually get to call and talk to a real person and she has always been incredibly helpful for me. After talking with her today and getting ideas for a better study plan I went ahead and rescheduled the exam. 

I really don't want to fail it again. I am always trying to rush all 4 sections so I can have them done this year, but that plan really won't work if I can't even pass one of the sections!


  1. Okay, if this is a duplicate, I apologize.

    I saw that elk coverage on the news too! Terrible! I hope they make it out okay.

    The exam. Thank God it's rescheduled. I know it's probably not much of a relief, but at least there's more time. Good for you.

    Hope the rain lets up soon. It has for now down in Seattle. Rainier looks absolutely covered in snow from my house - wonder what it looks like up near you guys.

    1. Only one post. :)

      I know. You know how much I am struggling with that damn thing. Rescheduling is the right thing to do.

  2. I saw the coverage on the evening news and was thinking about you. Glad to hear you are safe. I hope the wild life takes you up on your offer. Stay Safe.


    1. You know, they never showed up! I hope they did OK too. :)