Sunday, March 8, 2015

Everything is Better with Sun

I considered looking through my archives because I suspect I have used this title before, but I decided I didn't care.

Today was amazing. Actually so was yesterday but I was working in an office yesterday. Today I also worked, but I did it in my favorite office.

Yup. The umbrella is out. To make this tax season work I am working all 7 days a week and 50+ hours and you know what? I am still happier with my work life than I have been in a long time - that is a big deal for this non-career gal.

It does help knowing that tax season (and this unsustainable pace) eventually ends, but I think it is also finally FINALLY putting some of this tax education and the enrolled agent process to work. I also am in a healthy and supportive work environment which is huge.

Since Nim has decided to use his eyes again, he got to train today. He was super full of himself. Then, he realized we were going to station outside in the sun and he was really happy.

He flopped down and opened the Nim Motel to all the fleas which I am sure have not died due to our mild winter. :| I need to get some diatomaceous earth laid down out there.

The second the sun moved it actually got pretty cold out there. After a day of training, running the yard, and sun bathing, Nim is happy. So everyone is happy.

Special for Cindy at Bird Brains & Dog Tales:

Video of Nim's captivating low speed zoomies. Ha! Had we not been on lead in a parking lot they would have been high speed flybys.

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  1. So glad you're at a good place in your work life and are happy! It's what you worked so hard for. Glad Nim is feeling better too!