Monday, March 23, 2015


Don't they look angelic? They had me up at 1am and again at 4:30am. Part of me wants to wake them up now for playing so much in the middle of the night. Note Emile is completely hiding. He actually has some shame.

I am actually growing something! I was given wheat grass starts from my friend over at Orchard House Farm. I am so excited to have something already started for the spring.

Shockingly my cats have not eaten it yet.

Another I am sort of excited though because I realized I have three more working Saturdays left in the tax season. :)


  1. Those two look so cute and so inocent looking sleeping there together. Oh crap I only have 3 weeks to get my taxes done? I guess I better start getting all my paper work together and get started.

  2. I would totally be poking the sleeping beauties.
    Good luck through your next 2 weeks! Keep looking at that light at the end. :)