Monday, March 16, 2015

Featured Charity: The Lift Garage

This weekend the area got a lot more rain than I think was planned and we got really heavy winds Sunday night that I know I didn't hear about.

Thankfully nothing landed on my new table. And if you are asking yourself if I am really that lazy that I wouldn't go out into a wind storm to rescue my table? You would be right. I am that lazy. I had also eaten so much Pizza Pi that I was struggling to move anywhere at all.

This morning the sun is shining and the plants are recovering. The plum tree seems to be the worst off and has closed down all blooms. It is sort of its own fault for starting too early in the first place. I have no doubt it will be happy again later in the week.

Last night I read an article on a newer charity called "The Lift Garage." I knew I wanted to post it on the blog. This is one I will definitely be following and I am so excited about what this woman is trying to accomplish.

I strongly suggest you go to the site and read the entire story, but the short of it is that this woman was working in the social services and watching time and time again the failure of transportation having a downward spiral effect on people already struggling to keep a job. She decided to attack that failure at the source and went to school to become a mechanic!

I love her story and I love the problem she is trying to solve. It was absolutely inspiring to read about. In my area (and I am sure in most states), it is not uncommon at all to see people living in their cars packed with all their belongings and perhaps a cherished pet. Once that car fails to heat, move, or be safe on the road I can only imagine the stress when the car might be the last bit of stability one is hanging onto.

Check out her site and enjoy the story. This has to be one of my more favorite projects addressing job challenges, homelessness, and poverty instability. Truly inspirational.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful charity indeed! And love the pretty pics. And most of all, CONGRATULATIONS on passing your exam!!

  2. That sounds like an interesting charity. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful flowers. We are still working on melting the snow pack in the yard and can only see the ground close to the house. The shrubs are slowly appearing too.