Friday, April 17, 2015


I am always surprised when I am less adaptable than I thought I would be (or perhaps that I don't rebound as fast as I think I should). I thought that April 16th I would wake up energized and ready to switch directions again for awhile, but instead it has taken me the past two days to start to feel more like myself.

A picture from my commute on April 15th. Preferable to the Seattle commute and look at that beautiful sunny weather!

On the 16th I was wide awake and on the trail at 6am. I had actually been in bed before 9pm the night before I was so tired by the time I got off work. I knew I was going to have to work my other jobs on the 16th, but I wanted to get just a little hike in. We didn't go far since we need to ease back into the hiking miles, but it felt great.

Today (the 17th) was beautiful and sunny. The cats lounged and I worked in my outside office. Slowly but surely I am feeling more like myself again.

Nim kept an eye on my activities today, but generally made up for days of missed sunbathing and bird chasing. He was also tired because he had his swim lessons in the morning.

Nim swim lessons day are a favorite for Emile. He can hardly wait for Nim to come home with his still damp life-vest. I don't know what it is about the smell or whatever, but Emile is all over it.

Eventually I have to take it away when he starts biting it. He is only this enamored with it right after swimming, so there is something in the water he loves.

It is a real Friday night and I am not working this weekend. I think I might be in shock. :) Have a great weekend. I want to start getting my garden beds ready. It is amazing how many of my friends already have theirs planted. Spring is early!


  1. Nim looks so happy to be out on the trail. How lucky that he gets to go swimming regularly. That Emile is one silly cat.

    1. I am not sure if he feels so lucky about it (except that he likes to see that Cindy at that Aquadog Spa), but yes, it is good for him. :) Nim was very happy. He bounced back much quicker than I did.

  2. I'm so glad you made it through! Some down time now, and it looks like you're having beautiful weather to do it! Enjoy your weekend!