Sunday, April 19, 2015

Saturday Chores

This weekend has brought beautiful weather to help me ease into my change of schedule. Fortunately I woke up Saturday feeling more like myself.

I got up, cut my hair, cleaned my car, and then moved Nim and myself outside for a day. I regret not getting anything to plant over the weekend, but I still had plenty of other yard chores to do.

First big task...the cleaning of the roof. This is the first year I haven't been able to do it in one session. I kind of pooped out. I will be back up there today.

View from the roof:

Then I sucked it up and at least started into the study system for the CPA exam section I plan to try - FAR. I am scared but motivated.

Finally after 3pm I took pity on Nim and brought him into the house for a nap since he couldn't settle enough to sleep in the yard. Yes, it is also curtain cleaning day as you can tell by the piles. I should clean the windows too, but I don't see it happening this weekend.

Nim was exhausted. He hasn't had a full day outdoors and fully free like that in a long time.

I have settled on a quilt pattern and hope to at least start cutting tonight. For a fleeting second I contemplated moving my quilting stuff outside, but that is way too much work and I still have the second half of the roof to work on.


  1. Nim sure looks wasted from his day outside. Good luck with your studies for your next exam. We enjoyed some time outside today too.

    1. The weekend took a lot out of him! Thanks for the good luck. Right now I am at the "will I ever learn this stage" but at least it is a familiar stage. :)