Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tax Day

I think myself and a good chunk of the general public is probably more than happy for April 15th to be here and soon be gone.

Supposedly warmer and sunny weather is coming and I know I need it. I am sure Nim can't wait to do some sun baking.

I got online the other day and looked up "how long do plants hold the scent of dog urine?" It was an unproductive search except for this interesting theory that if you fill the hole a dog is digging with dog poo they will stop digging there.

That bizarre idea reminded me a bit of a dog training TV show in which the trainer was helping a family with a poo-eating dog train poo-eating aversion with this elaborate "flagging of the poo" system. I am laughing right now just remembering the show. There is a point in which the entire backyard was covered in flags. Money probably would have been better spent hiring someone to clean the poo in your backyard. Sometimes I think as humans we make things way more complicated than it needs to be.

I felt the same way about the hole-filled-with-poo digging deterrent system. Dogs aren't dumb. They will dig somewhere else. Not to mention I am sure there are dogs out there that wouldn't care about poo in their hole. Probably the same dogs that eat it.

Anyway, the reason I was looking up "how long do plants hold the scent of dog urine?" is because Nim is always drawn to this one clump of lilies and it is the same group that Rusty always marked. My yard is otherwise fenced off so no other dogs are in there. It got me thinking about the ghost of Rusty. Perhaps I should have searched on that.

I probably need a bit more sleep.

Have a great day!


  1. Congratulations you made it through tax season! I can't believe you already have rhododendron blooming. Ours are at least a month away from that.

    Our solution to a poop eating dog (our first GSD was really bad with it) was to pick it up about 5 seconds after it hits the ground. If there is no poop out there they can't eat it! How crazy to instead place flags where the poop is instead of just picking it up! That sure gave me a good laugh.

    1. My plants are SO confused! I had things bloom and then end up wilting down from the cold later. :)

      Hahahahaha. I know. I remember just watching the show in disbelief. I don't mind a good creative dog solution, but sometimes you just have to pick it up!