Tuesday, May 26, 2015

FINALLY Sewing Again and Moving FAR

I hope everyone had a reflective and restful Memorial Day.

The weekend could have continued forever as far as I am concerned. It was nice to just not think about work. Saturday and Sunday were more intense days because I was in my final cramming days for my scheduled FAR test (next CPA exam). Then, late Sunday night I realized that nothing was going to make this happen, and I moved the test into July. (June is a blackout month...blackout months are basically added to make an already painful process even more inconvenient.)

I am generally OK with my decision. I knew forcing this exam into May was too soon considering I hadn't studied all tax season, but I SO wanted another exam done. I had maybe a minor flash of failure, but that was nothing compared to all the stress I was working myself up over an exam I couldn't be ready for in time.

I was up late Sunday night cleaning the house to cope with my decision. Then Monday morning I woke up ready to restructure the study plan and perhaps more importantly...start a quilt.

My goal was something scrappy, small, easy to only do a little sewing on and then leave for days if I had to. Something with quick satisfaction that I can work on between study session and work. Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville delivered! I am working on Stitch a "Star- Struck" Quilt. It is scrappy and cutting fabric all Monday made me happy.

I love when I am cutting up my own scraps how sometimes a fabric will fondly remind me of the larger quilt it came from. Some "scraps" were taken from my start on this year's New Year's Mystery quilt. I could tell that one was never going to get finished.

I even got about 45 minutes of initial block sewing. It is going to be perfect. The piles are easy to keep to one side, and I should be able to work on it and leave it without completely messing myself up.

Leela, as usual, was happy I was quilting too. Probably disappointed that nothing is on the floor yet, but she stayed close by in case.


  1. Replies
    1. I agree. I keep looking longingly at the fabric. Later...

  2. I can't wait to see how it all comes together. Are you sure the cats won't mess up your piles?

    1. If the sun wasn't shining and there weren't snakes and birds to watch I am sure they would. :)

  3. Love the quilt pattern! I'm saving that one!

    1. I know! She has quite the collection of free scrapping patterns. My salvation may be there for awhile. Sam

  4. You made the right decision rescheduling your exam. You know if you're ready or not.
    Nice to see you quilting again. :)