Thursday, May 28, 2015

Garden Planting

The heat has arrived! Nim tolerated an early morning trip for plants, shopping at Costco and swimming lessons. Then we scooted home so I could garden for study breaks.

By the way, check out the Big Lots chair purchase in the background. :) I don't know why I waited so long to get a lounge chair.

Unfortunately this plant shop was another quick buy without a lot of planning. Just the way life is right now. I tried to go for things I had grown with some success, items I keep killing but am not ready to give up on yet, or tried entirely new items such as artichoke!

I tried a pumpkin again (why are they so hard to grow?) and in my haste I didn't realize until I got home that the plant I bought is for like the 100lb variety. All I have to say is that if I actually grow a 100lb pumpkin that will be right up there with my cherished sunflower last year.

The garden baskets are filling out nicely.

After his early morning shopping and swimming Nim was pooped!

So cute. Bird chasing can wait for another day...


  1. Maybe you will get one of those pumpkins you can enter in a contest for the biggest one. I wish our two would get tired enough to sleep in the yard.

    1. You can't even imagine how excited I would be to grow one. :) It takes a lot, but Nim is laying down more in the yard this year. Turning 5 helped a bit too I think. We were from cool right to hot, and that has been hard on him as well.

  2. Flowers and plants look great! Love that precious Nim!!
    Nice chair. Looks so comfy too. I always forget about Big Lots. We actually bought our 2 end tables there years ago.