Friday, May 1, 2015

Hooray May! (Nim goes to the vet...again)

For whatever reason I had it in my mind that today was going to be super hot and sunny. It wasn't. But it didn't rain either.

Thursday was a LONG day for me and by the time I stopped working around 10:30 at night I realized my dog had a limp. :| I couldn't see really anything wrong, so we went to bed and I figured I would deal with it in the morning.

This morning Nim had a fat little foot. A friend of mine, well versed in Nim's issues, suggested maybe some sort of allergy. So I hoped for a bee sting and started the benedryl. The problem is my vet is way over booked right now so I was trying to avoid an ER trip or forcing my way into their schedule. I still talked to them around 8am to talk options and tell them what I was seeing.

Around 1:30 I did a second dose of benedryl and soaked the foot. I was bargaining - deep down I knew this wasn't getting any better.

Soaking the foot was possibly the best thing I had ever done to Nim in Emile's mind. He could hardly stand it. He kept circling and reaching in to tap at the water.

After the soak, I gave up and called the vet back to try and squeeze in. The foot hadn't gone down and if anything I had a raised lump.

We had to lance the darn thing and wrap it. Since he has had 6 benedryl today he is quite tired. I can't imagine the foot feels great either, but at least it is not broken or sprained (dobermans are notorious for injuring toes).

I am hoping it will look better soon. It is hard to say what is wrong, but we are thinking some foreign body got stuck up in the webbing.

Come on sun! I have some plants that need planting...


  1. Poor Nim. Hope he feels better soon. Such a well behaved boy to stand for the foot soak with the circling Emile. Too bad you didn't get a video of that.

    1. Ha! That would have been a funny video actually. Lets just say Emile is the reason the toilet is always closed. Of course if I put HIS foot in the water there would have been mutiny.

  2. Your poor boy. Hopefully whatever it is has been taken care of and it'll go down now. Sending well wishes!

  3. Oh no! Hope the poor guy feels better soon. It's so awful when a beloved animal companion is hurting.

    1. Definitely. He also doesn't like to be slowed down.