Friday, May 22, 2015

Flowers and Walrus Cam

Good morning on a Friday!

I wanted to share this Alaska Walrus Cam. Talk about fabulous background ocean noise and just a really interesting education on such an unusual animal (also you will catch other coastal wildlife on the edges). I watched one walrus yesterday that started on the shore and slowly rolled over and over and over until he was in the water and then he kept rolling.

Walrus are another species that is taking a huge hit from the vanishing ice sheets. This USGS article on the Walrus dry land "haul out" I think is worth reading to better understand the issues faced with the warming Arctic.

In my own back yard I have a little baby bunny doing her thing. Unfortunately she did not slowly roll over and over and over back into the bushes, but she did let me get close, under the misguided animal notion that if they can't quite see you, you don't exist. I just want to touch her ears.

Mom and I took the dogs to Flower World and my box has just been waiting for planting.

Basically I have been putting baskets together in-between studying stints and work. I am so frustrated right now with all the work in the yard I am not doing.

I have decided to deem "yard work" that yet another motivation to finish these exams because right now I need all the motivation I can get.

Nim did a lot of sleeping under the table yesterday. We were hot and sunny. And then suddenly around 3pm the thunder rolled in with dark clouds and a little after 4pm I had rain! The entire week has been like this for me. Real extremes in weather.

I planted the "deer planter" outside my door. Actually, this is a different planter because the one I normally use broke apart in my hands as I lifted it. I really am hoping the deer leave my Pansies alone. They are a new flower for me this year.

This is Nim as I am running around like crazy in the yard and gathering all my gear up and the thunder is rolling in. I believe his bubble is "Finally. I can go nap in the house."

I have a few Snap Dragons left that I will plant later. They are "rescues" from the office. The entire flat was wilting, but they are doing much better now. This photo is from their ride home. The night I got them, I had to continue from work to dog class so I put them on the hood of the car at dog class and heavily watered them so they could drain for about an hour rather than bake in the car. Hopefully I can keep them alive.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend! I need to get out to the store and see if the Veterans are out with their Poppies. I always really look forward to that program so I hope I can find them.


  1. Your flowers look lovely. I hope the wild life leaves them alone for you.

  2. Love the flowers, especially the snap dragons. I haven't bought any flowers in quite some time now.
    Nim looks like he's enjoying outside time. Didn't realize you get thunderstorms there too.