Saturday, June 4, 2016

Birthday Dogs Getaway, The Sandpiper Beach Resort, Day 2

Wow! I didn't mean not to finish journaling the beach getaway! Life just went nuts these past few weeks. I had a couple of dog events and started a new job. I pretty much look at the photos from this trip daily. I can't wait to go again.

So where were we? Oh yes, Day 2...

Day 2 had more wind, some rain, and generally cloudy conditions. I spent the day alternating between quiet reading (always with all the doors and windows open) and walking the beach. Notice that the path to the beach is right outside the door.

On day 2 I realized 3 things I should have packed:
  1. Knitting
  2. Rubber boots
  3. X-pen/dog gate

On day 2 Nim decided he would pee in the ocean. I don't know what to make of that, but he was generally pleased with himself. We did have to always go to the dunes for any pooping. And yes, we picked it up.

I love this photo of Jack and Nim because basically they are both smiling and laughing. Such happy dogs.

Sometimes Nim would sit on my lap while I sat around and read. The windows were always open so we could hear the ocean.

On day 2 we did a quick drive south to Ocean Shores and went to the jetty. We were a bit nervous at first when we saw the backhoe, thinking there was going to be some giant dead whale, but it turned out the backhoe was trying to pull out a truck that was part of a shrimp boat salvage.

The shrimping boat had actually sunk in early April. It was tethered to the shore and there was an ongoing salvage attempt. I love looking at stuff like this. I think the plan is eventually to fully recover the boat. I am not sure if that ever happened.

Nim and Jack as usual brought their party with them. Nim looks like Jack just said something scandalous in this photo. You never know. There was more people watching on the jetty and they had a good walk before Courtney and I went to Galway Bay Irish Pub for dinner. Oh man did I have a good portabella mushroom burger there. Had we not been so tired there was live music for later that night and a full bar.

Instead we went back to the Sandpiper for a dusk walk, and beer on the porch. Not a bad night at all.

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