Friday, June 10, 2016

Its A Friday. White Rabbits and Dog Shows.

Happy Friday folks. I believe thanks to the holiday week last week, this week felt extra long. I don't know. All I know is that it has been exhausting.

I woke this morning to Nim losing his mind. Turns out, I have a rabbit infestation. I had been trying to figure out who took out one particular plant, I have a strong suspect now:

A couple of weeks ago I had seen a single large white rabbit. I contacted the family on one side of me (not the elk killing neighbor) because it is a family with kids and a pet pig. It was not their bunny.

Fast forward to this morning. When I went outside to chase them off because they were digging holes there were actually 4 of them this time. The photo doesn't give you much, but these are over 2x the size of the wild brown bunnies we already have out here. I have a bad feeling about this.

On to dog show happiness...

Last Friday Nim and I head out to Seqium for the Hurricane Ridge Kennel Club trials. We only did one day, but it is a three day event. This really is a beautiful location.

This is Nim's kennel with two Leonbergers he knows. You will notice their crates are even larger. I believe next year if I do this I will need to bring an actual tent shelter.

The single downside was really the constant sun. It honestly wasn't even terribly hot, but the beating sun made it far worse. We had some great areas to walk in between trials and it was a nice day to have a little road trip.

I wanted to walk more of this path between runs, but we needed to go in the ring again.

We didn't qualify in either run, but there were some really good things in the second run that I am happy about. For Nim this was a perfect day of laying around, people watching, and my undivided attention. 

Have a great weekend!

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