Saturday, June 4, 2016

Birthday Dogs Getaway, The Sandpiper Beach Resort, Day 3

On day 3 it was Jack's birthday (Nim's is on 5/12 and Jack is on 5/15). Courtney, being far more prepared than I had presents for both dogs!

(Photo credit Courtney)

If you follow my Instagram, you probably saw Nim sleeping on his monkey later as we started our trip home.

It was very hard to pack up and be adult about going home. We both had full weeks ahead of us and needed not to be late.

We checked out at the Sandpiper and headed to one more location on the beach. We actually even drove on the beach a bit.

I have mixed feelings about this. I guess as someone walking on the beach I find the cars kind of annoying. However, I also see the relaxation of it, and moreover, if you have a limited mobility dog or human, what a way to let them get up close!

In our case it got us closer to some rock formations I had been interested in, and helped with lack of time and improper footwear.

Happy Birthday boys!

This was definitely not a long enough vacation for me, but it was a great chance to slow down for a few days and I am grateful we went.


  1. What a great time you all had. Hey I just saw that you won the book over on Instagram from Squirrel Picnic! Congrats.

    1. I just got it in the mail! Thank you. I would never had known had you not posted it. It is super cute. :)