Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Workshare and Summer

Today was my 3rd official workshare day at Jubilee Farm. I find the work hard and yet every week I wake up looking forward to it. The work uses your body in such odd ways and often moving through the plants and soil is almost meditative. My back is always tired, and surprisingly often my hands are too.

Week 1 and week 2 I did a lot of roasting, some soup making, and stir frying. I try and do all the prep on Tuesday when I get home from the farm to cut down on waste.

This week I have shifted to chopping and freezing. I have burned out on roasted turnips. :) I am excited about the zucchini. I will be shredding that later to see if I have enough for bread. I can't wait for the squash to really take off.

The irony off all this is that part of the reason I signed up for workshare was that I was going into the summer basically unemployed after tax season. Then wouldn't you know? I got a part-time job at the end of May. Regardless this has been a great experience and I am buying very little in the way of groceries right now. All my Mint "overspending" alerts are always on the pets. :) As it should be.

Summer is upon us, and after a week of rain, we are currently in a week of sun. It is a good thing the days are long right now because I feel like everyday has too much to get done.


  1. Are you learning anything at the farm that can help us with our gardens? Mine is a disaster this year!

    1. I am definitely learning a lot, but hard to apply to the smaller garden. I agree with you though, this has not been one of my better years. Admittedly I haven't had time to work on it either, but still...

  2. I hope you have a good sized freezer so you can store some of that fresh goodness for later. Does Nim always carry a stuffy with him on your hikes? That is too cute. Last thing is I can't believe the cats are that close together and it isn't winter (where they are usually doing it to stay warm...on top of your heated blanket or stove).

    1. I don't actually. I think if things get out of hand I might find other freezers to store things in. :) aka...friends and family with room.

      That stuffy was SO funny! It was in my pack, and apparently I dropped it on the hike (not that I noticed) so he found it on the return back! He was super proud of himself, like I had hid it for him. I like to keep them on hand, but normally I don't let him keep it because then he just tries to hide int he bushes with them.

      I know, I love that photo. I am sure it was Emile's (orange) idea.