Friday, May 11, 2012

Finally Friday

I am SO glad for this week to be over! Emile wasn't thrilled about laundry day - as usual.

Today I did my duty and got my Tdap vaccine. Normally I save my Tetanus shots for my ER visits but amazingly I have gone over 10 years without one and we are having a bit of a Whooping Cough bump out here. I would feel bad to be part of that problem.

I also got a chance to meet some people with a local charity called Good Wishes this morning. You will be hearing more about them in the future on this blog for sure. Really nice group of people and I am hoping to be involved at some level with them.

This week had more baking and cooking in it than planned. But it was a rotten sleeping week and I do love trying to the new recipes out!

On Thursday I tried making the Three Grain Chewy Energy Bar. I didn't have coffee however and I do think that made the end result a bit bland. If I don't do coffee next time around I need to bump up the cinnamon and maybe add something else.

I actually enjoyed eating the batter more than the finished product. The cinnamon taste was stronger uncooked, so I already know to increase that.

This morning I decided to take on the Jelly Roll Cake and I highly recommend this one. It is not just simple to make but simple in taste. My filling shown is the Chocolate Banana Split Butter which I eat in huge amounts. Regularly. I did do a second roll with just plain coconut butter and I actually liked it better. I think because the roll itself is mildly sweet and I just felt like the coconut butter went better with it.

Dinner tonight was Polenta Pizza.

Lets just say I looking at her photos now - I didn't let the polenta thicken enough. Didn't change my enjoyment of it in the least and I will totally do this one again.

And finally, in preparation for Nim's birthday tomorrow, I made a dog variation on Cookie Dough Baked Oatmeal. Dog friendly is only oats, banana/applesauce, water, blueberries, and peanut butter. THIS human thought they were actually really good.

Now the two to the front are "human" versions with the added ingredients of chocolate, vanilla, walnuts and some brown sugar (yes, I started eating the one on the right). I kind of went crazy with these and they are high on my list of favorite things now.

I completely forgot I ordered these bones. At the time a 24 box of Darford Mega Bone Junior made sense. I usually give Nim about one a week and they aren't cheap. However they now are taking large real estate in what you can imagine is a packed fridge with the amount of cooking I have been doing.

Nim got to swim today at Aquadog Spa today and so he was all full of gentleness for the evening.

I hardly heard a peep out of him except when the oatmeal cakes were done. You can tell I cook a lot and he rarely pays that much attention but the oatmeal cakes made him actually come out and check out the counter. Like he knows they are for him!


  1. I love polenta. That pizza looks so much like my polenta casserole that I make. Maybe I will post a pic of it next time I make it.
    You are making me feel quite inadequate with all of your baking :)

    1. Absolutely post a photo! It is similar to a casserole I made (especially since I didn't let the polenta set-up enough - still learning).

      Baking is SUCH an outlet for me right now and I am just loving all I am learning.