Thursday, May 3, 2012

Single-lady Cookie Dough Pie Testing Fun

 Chocolate-Covered Katie's blog was SUPER active today with voting on recipes we wanted for May, a tease of a special announcement, and the news of a Vita-Mix giveaway.

I am really hoping the special announcement is cookbook related and she wants recipe testers. And think a good thought for me for the Vita-Mix giveaway! It is nothing I would buy for myself, and actually I have a cranky story about how a Vita-Mix was once in my household and its subsequent exit with a boyfriend...but there are much more enjoyable things to talk about!
For example, three different attempts at a "not perfected" recipe that Katie put in the comments for a Single-lady Cookie Dough Pie.

This is definitely a good way for me to relax for the night. The above attempt is true to recipe, with spelt flour and substituting applesauce for the coconut oil.
This was actually my last of the three tests. There is a huge amount of her readers that prefer to cut out as much fat and calories as possible so I wanted to see what happened.
It cooked up nice and actually was pretty good. I preferred the coconut oil versions in texture and taste, but I would also eat it this way.
These are the two coconut oil versions. The one on the left is done with oat flour and the one on the right is done with spelt.
The only thing I potentially screwed up with these two is that I cooked them in the microwave together.
So both centers were mildly underdone (not a problem for me). I have baked with both flours but never in the same item at the same time. It was really interested how it changes consistency and "wheaty" flavor. I would say I slightly preferred the spelt flour one overall but this will be an easy gluten-free recipe.

When I do this again I will use brown sugar instead and increase the vanilla! All my tests were done with almond milk.

PS. Am I the only one that didn't know what "Puppy Chow" was? I voted for that one because of the name. Little did I know it is a real thing and considering it is pretty much peanut butter, sugar, and cereal I do not know how I never knew about this.

PSS. Salt and vinegar chickpea poppers were AMAZING! Favorite combo hands down.


  1. a bit tardy but here goes- I love the slightly underdone centre of a gooey dessert.
    Chocolate Covered Katie's recipes are great, so inspiring

    1. I make this recipe A LOT. One of my favorite versions I sub peanut butter for the oil. That one does produce a "drier" result but great taste. I think I need to try cooking it a touch less.