Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nim Goes to the Eye Doctor

On Wednesday Nim went for an eye exam at Northwest Animal Eye Specialists in Kirkland. This was just a basic exam. I have had no reason to worry about his eyes.
First we had two rounds of drops for dilation. The vet tech (Keri I think) was SO good with him. He loved her!
The exam was done by Dr. Sandburg and she was also absolutely amazing with him and a really nice person. Definitely a vet I would take him back to for eye problems. He really struggles with a sit-stay on a slick surface so we worked with a down stay.
He was really good during the entire process. He never tried to get up and really was nice and calm. He loved having the gals talk to him and he got all this attention in the waiting room so as far as he was concerned it was a good day for Nim.

Everything checked out fine. He has dots of pigmentation in his right eye that has something to do with what happens with the blood vessels during development. I can't entirely remember. Anyway it is nothing to worry about. 
I loaded him up in the car and went inside to get some paperwork. When I came back out his eyes were barely open!

If I have had my eyes dilated it was so long ago I can't remember the process. I alternated between laughing at him and feeling sorry for him.
He rode with his head between the hammock and the seat. Not really knowing how it felt or how it impacted his vision I decided that if he stood up as we drove past Robinswood that I would take it as a sign he was good enough to walk. If not I would keep driving by and go about my errands.
He stood up. I think most of the walk was done with half-mast eyes.
I absolutely HATE baby duck season. Not because I hate ducks or their babies, in fact I am overwhelmed by them. It is dealing with all the ducks that die on the road at this time of year. Every year. Of all the animals I see dead on the side of the road (and where I live it is super common) dogs and ducks are the ones that just stab me in the heart.
I was curious if Nim could even see the ducks. He could hear them but I am really not sure that he could see them.
After our walk I pretty much put the key in the ignition and he was already out cold.


  1. No dark glasses for the poor pup?

  2. Someone else asked me that too! Can you imagine him wearing some doggles? That would be pretty funny.

  3. Aw I'm glad the appointment went so well!! :)

  4. I'm kicking myself...I'm pretty sure I saw you in Issaquah earlier. I wish I'd called out to you now, LOL.

    1. Oh how funny! Yes, don't hesitate even if I look like I am in my own world. I am sure we have met before but I am not always good at remembering people!

      And yes, I just got back from Issaquah.

    2. Now that I've seen you I'll remember. Actually we may have met once a couple years ago at a Sno Valley Quilter meeting...someone was there talking about helping them set up a blog. Anyway, one of these days we should meet on purpose. Maybe at Mt. Si Quilts?

    3. Yes! That was me. I totally wanted to do a blog for them. I thought it would a lot of fun.

      Sounds good on meeting up at the quilt store at some point. I have actually still not spent any time in there beyond occasionally peeking in. :)