Saturday, May 19, 2012

Puget Sound Local Yarn Shop Tour 2012

 On Friday mom and I visited 7 stores (out of a possible 21) on the Puget Sound Local Yarn Shop Tour 2012.
 You have a passport you take with you from store to store to get stamped. If you can manage all 21 - (including one in Blaine which for me that is at least 3 - 4 hour drive, nearing the Canadian border) you get to enter your passport for major prizes!

Mom and I hit the 7 store mark in which you get a little LYS Tour pin. :) Not bad for a Friday afternoon and last minute planning. If it wasn't for another blog complaining about this tour overlapping the South Sound Yarn Crawl I never would have known about this tour.

Our original plan was actually the South Sound Yarn Crawl but this tour was a better choice for us. The stores were ones that I would actually probably drive out and visit again whereas the South Sound stores were all pretty far away.

 At each store, in addition to getting your passport stamped, there was a free pattern (usually a one skein project) with the yarn for the pattern available at a discount. You also entered in a drawing for daily door prizes. Many of the daily prizes were in an orange Destination Yarn 2012 bag.
 These hats were one of the free pattern projects at Tea Cozy Yarn in Ballard.
 My mom got another needle felting kit (hummingbird) and a cute envelope and card set.
Many of the stores were featuring Etsy vendors (not sure if they were all local or not) or other small craft vendors.
The store we did the most damage in was Bad Woman Yarn in Wallingford. This store had a great welcoming attitude. Before even entering the actual store we found what we had been seeking all day...the ideal cardigan for mom. My mom is a crocheter, but she got the pattern and some yarn for another sister to knit up for her. :)

It was one of those stores you could just be in for a long time and there was parking (big deal in the Seattle area).

And she got me this shirt which I am really excited about. If I could pull off a pair of boots like those I might look like that all the time...
Bad Woman Yarn is high on my list now of stores I would travel to Seattle for and that list is very small. Really great group of people, fabulous ownership, and nice selection.

Our last store was in the U District area of Seattle and it was about 2pm. I was really have a good time but we both knew it was time to call it and head home.

Between this yarn tour and the online quilt festival all I want to do is finish creative projects (and maybe start a couple of new ones).

In totally unrelated news: Emile is down to 15.8 pounds. This is a full pound lighter than his vet visit in March (in which I heard the many ways I was ruining his health). It hasn't been easy on any of us, but at least we are making progress.


  1. Replies
    1. No kidding. I actually feel his pain a bit because if someone was limiting my food I would act out too. Good thing my constant baking is not really cat appealing. Although I wouldn't trust him with anything on the counter.

  2. it's not easy to hear that you need to change what you are doing with your animals but at least the changes are working, go Emile!
    I love the passport idea, reminds me of one I had in Japan that I was obsessed with filling.
    I love the blue hat, it reminds me of one I saw in the window of a yarn shop I walked by once that I just had to have. I'm the person who can't knit it so I had to buy it but the ladies in the store were so sweet and the one who made it was very proud.

    1. Have you tried to crochet? Sometimes people are good at one or the other. :)

      Did you mention the passport already?! I am going to have to go back and look.

  3. my mother showed me how to knit once put if I put it down for too long I would forget.
    I did mention the passport in the museum :)