Friday, November 30, 2012

Gone November

Even with November being my first full month unemployed it was still a better month than October. October was a stinker!

I have just finished boiling some more black-eyed peas. I am making soup again on Sunday.

Yesterday I finished the second Hunger Games trilogy book: Catching Fire. I continue to fail in both book clubs I have been trying for various reason, but I am still reading a fair amount anyway. Earlier in the month I also read Divergent which I often see compared to the Hunger Games but most public opinion seems to favor the Hunger Games.

I really wasn't super taken with the first Hunger Games book so I initially would have said I liked the Divergent series more, however I liked Catching Fire much better than the first book so who knows. Both are fast reads.

I need a break from Youth Fiction and I have started Gone Girl which was a book club book I couldn't get out of the library in time several months ago. I am a few chapters in. At first I wasn't loving the back and forth between her diary and present events, but I am getting with the flow a little better now. Not passionate about any of the characters yet either.

Today I ended up hiking way longer than intended. It was still unexpectedly dry when I did my errands around Issaquah and Bellevue so I decided to head up Squak Mountain.

The downpour caught us on the way out.

Bully sticks arrived today and they came with free samples! I had to laugh because these aren't, say a fancy umbrella like Striving Cynic got...:)

...but they made Nim happy. He is an eating machine too so these will be gone in no time!


  1. Yay, more soup. Hope this means you're getting back to better.

    I haven't read any of those books, so I won't give my input :)

    Nim is just such a cutie! I hope he enjoys his extra treats!

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

    1. You have a wonderful weekend too. :) I am feeling better.

  2. I love that picture of Nim in the ferns. How fun to get some surprise snacks with your order too.


    1. That is one of my favorite photos...he looks like a puppy. :) He was just so happy and in synch for this hike.